We are pleased to share how Diana Carmichael defines your Personal Style.Diana Carmichael Designer Tableware

Why should your style end with your wardrobe?

The fact is that it absolutely shouldn’t!

Your home reflects you and expressing your style through homeware is an interior design trend worth considering.

Whether you’re looking to dazzle dinner guests or spending some solo time, there’s every reason to take your dining to the next level.  I read somewhere that there’s research confirming that your cutlery impacts the taste of your food.

Entertaining with impact on all the five senses is sure to create a #MemorableMoment. How wonderful does it feel when everything you use is beautiful?

That’s enough proof for us!

Meet Diana Carmichael

Diana is a contemporary tableware designer who does just that. Diana Carmichael Defines Personal Style!

Diana Carmichael was born in Singapore; she grew up in Zimbabwe where she studied jewellery design and manufacturing.  When Diana moved to Johannesburg in 1981, she transitioned from jewellery designer to graphic designer and freelance artist.

It wasn’t until 1995 that she found her true passion where combining her distinctive design talent and style, she decided to make tableware and accessories.


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Not just any tableware mind you, she would specialise in manufacturing and distributing timeless pewter tableware with stainless steel utensil inserts.

Diana was influenced by textures and forms from the African continent. Each piece boasts a refined exclusivity with most of the process done by hand. Each piece is hand-moulded in a casting process that fuses stainless steel and lead-free pewter for the functionality aspect; making it easy to hold and at the perfect weight.  After that, the pieces are taken through a five-step finishing process that demands extreme attention to detail.  And then there’s the choice of using Pewter.

What is Pewter?

Excuse the technical stuff.

Pewter is a malleable tin alloy, which makes the range corrosion-resistant and adds that extra sheen to the products. Within pewter, there are tiny segments of copper and a chemical element called antimony. The copper lowers the pewter’s melting temperature making it an ideal metal for the casting process, while antimony ensures that the metal picks up the sharp, comprehensive impressions from the mould. And, waste-not, want-not, in the event a piece doesn’t pass the stringent quality control checks, it is easily re-melted and used to create a new piece. Pretty eco-friendly too!

The results are striking gifts or idiosyncratic accessories for the modern home.

The Diana Carmichael Collection as it is today is made up of a range of themes inspired by a multitude of influences.  This includes inspiration from the Ndebele, the natural environment, ostrich-inspired cultures, iconic African animals like the Cheetah and Springbok as well as incorporating genuine Swarovski crystals in the Crystal dÁfrique range.

To add to the luxurious experience, each piece is packaged in a dramatic branded gift box complete with its own distinctive care card.  Definitely not to be tossed into the cluttered cutlery drawer in most kitchens, these items need a little respect and TLC to keep them in their original state for longer. With proper care, they can last generations.

Through meticulous craftsmanship and fine attention to detail, Diana Carmichael’s initials carry the weight of assurance that you’re not only getting an original piece, but also skilled excellence. Diana Carmichael is recognised as one of South Africa’s élite and sophisticated pewter designers.

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