Women’s Day 2020 has taken on a whole new significance this year. Not to detract from the original event of 1956, this year has presented challenges that nobody could have imagined. While many might think Women’s Day is another Mother’s Day, without the prerequisite of having kids, I don’t think that is what it is actually all about. Womens-Day-2020 Traditionally Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on progress; a call for change, a celebration of courage and determination shown by ordinary women who played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. The roles and responsibilities of women have exploded.  During this unprecedented time in history, all women have had to step up and take on more than ever. With not rule book and besides their regular roles and responsibilities, many now have to juggle their children’s schooling, care for their families who may be spread far and wide; maintain the safe refuge of ‘home’, be productive in their jobs or businesses in an unpredictable environment.  Somewhere self-care, health and wellness needs attention while acting as support and councillor to family, friends, and colleagues.  Too often number one  – the maintaining the engine – comes too far down the list.

Women’s Day is a good time to say … THANK YOU

This year of all years is a good time to remember that woman in your community, your employees, boss, manager, mom, gran, sisters, spouse or significant other and say thank you. This national day dates back to 9 August 1956, 20 000 women participated in a national march in protest of pass laws (apartheid legislation that required people of colour to carry identity documentation to prove that they were allowed to enter a ‘white’s only’ area).  Four incredibly brave women led the march. Their names were Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophy Williams and Lilian Ngoyi. Women of all races and ages came together from all over South Africa and marched on the Union Buildings because the law was about to be changed to restrict ‘African’ women’s freedom of movement even further. They delivered their petitions, signed by frustrated and angry women across the land, to then Prime Minister JG Strijdom’s office, then sang freedom songs including the iconic “When you strike the women, you strike a rock”. Who would have thought that in the 21st Century we would have restricted movement once again?  Only this time for a different reason, this time it’s part of a global fight for freedom from a pandemic. Who are your four brave women that you want to celebrate this Women’s Day? Take a moment to remember that if it wasn’t for brave women, then and now, many of us could not enjoy our freedom. Tell your children the story of 1956 so they will know too, that there incredible Women who stood up for what was wrong and made a difference for the generations that came after them. Tell the stories about how today, right now in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, women are battling with challenges to keep people safe and that we will return to our freedom soon.  Never give up hope. Feel the need to say THANK YOU? Contact us for a range of thank you boxes and hampers visit the Blue Velvet Gift Shop.  We have ready to go options or we can build a THANK YOU hamper for you. Email us to discuss your event or personal or corporate gift ideas . gillian@bluevelvetevents.co.za Blue Velvet, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We conceptualize, design, and execute inspirational events, experiences and stylish travel itineraries for corporates and private groups. Our signature is a blending of original imaginative concepts, with a practical approach that leaves a lasting impression. We’re in the business of making memorable moments. Our Blue Velvet Gift Shop is a one-stop-shop for gift experiences that delight your team, clients, friends, family or that someone special. Choose from our range or ask about a custom packed gift hamper.



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