The idea of a personal chef conjures up scenes of grand kitchens and fine dining.

We arrange the experience from beginning to end.

personal chef menuYour menu is designed for your occasion to suit your preferences or dietary requirements. For wine lovers we can include wine pairings to suit your menu. Cakes for your occasion and petit fours, taking your event from special to spectacular.

Bringing back the dinner party, is a unique culinary experience that brings you restaurant quality food and service directly into the comfort of your own home or at an exclusive venue of your choice.

While you can hire a your own personal chef for a special dinner party or as a permanent fixture, some of the stories that come out of kitchens can make your hair stand on end.

We went looking for interesting stories from Private Chefs working in kitchens of the elite one-percenters.  We found a handful who have been in the industry for decades and have seen it all. From full-frontal nudity to packs of wild dogs on the loose in the kitchen, these chefs have had their share of awkward and intense encounters.

And you thought it only happened in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

A story goes that one particular chef and his team were busy in the kitchen preparing dinner when the owner and her partner proceeded to get down and dirty on the patio, right in front of the whole staff. Full-on nudity while we were cooking in the kitchen. And she was loud, very LOUD! Eventually it was over and professionals that they are, they just kept on cooking.

personal chef serving dinnerPersonal chef Must Love Dogs!

On another story, the chef being hired was told ‘I hope you like dogs, because I rescue them.’  She was not joking when she said that she rescues them.  She had rescued 200 dogs, and they were everywhere.  When asked to keep them in one place in the name of safety and hygiene, she went off accusing them of being awful people who didn’t like animals.  As it happened, the chef did love dogs, but 200 roaming around like wild animals was too much.  Imagine that!

Not so cute kids

One day, working on a party, a homeowners 10-year-old son went up to the co-ordinator and told him that Tommy, the chef, was “his favourite Tommy” that works for him.  He preferred him over his driver Tommy and pilot Tommy. Even though he tried to explain that “Tommy” worked for his parents, not him. It didn’t matter. That kid is ruined.

Sooo Gross

This chef met with a family that was interested in him becoming their private chef. The meeting went great until they took him back to see the kitchen.  Right there in the kitchen was a loft bed and a toilet with a screen curtain to cover one of the spaces in the corner. They said: ‘Oh yes, just so you know, one of our kids decided that our old pantry was going to be his new room now.  So, you’ll probably see him in here a lot while you’re working.’ Each to their own but it’s odd enough that they were OK with their kid living in the pantry space, but that there was a toilet in the corner, is unbelievable. Needless to say, she walked away from that one.

Pencil it in

A private chef hired by a couple to cook dinner for 25 guests. The chef would be let in to set up for the 6:30pm party. On arriving in the afternoon no one was there. Hours passed by and it was almost 6. The clients still weren’t home. Guests started arriving. The chef served them cocktails and dinner. Finally, by dessert, the clients finally showed up. They had completely forgotten about the dinner party!

You too can raise the bar on your special dinner party with a private chef of your own.


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