Clinking Glasses?  What’s that all about?

Without a doubt, wine is one of the most beloved beverages of all time, popping up in Christian rituals, pagan celebrations, ritzy restaurants, and homes everywhere.

Benjamin Franklin once declared that wine is “Constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

Dating back some 8,000 years, wine has acquired enough strange facts and crazy stories to make your head spin.  Here’s one for you …


That time-honoured tradition of clinking wine glasses is one we perform without even thinking. In some circles it is said that the tradition was started to drive away demons.

We have read that others believe the idea was to slosh a little bit of wine into your drinking partner’s glass—that way, he couldn’t poison you without risking dying himself.

Very dramatic, but not actually true.

It is said that the main reason we touch our glasses is much simpler.

Way back, a toast involved four senses: touch, taste, sight, and smell. The fifth sense was left out.  Over time the manufacturing of wine glasses transformed into an art and people began appreciating the fine sounds of struck stemware, and voila, the clink was incorporated into the toast.

Incorporating all 5 senses.

Here’s to you!