What are you celebrating in 2020?

As we move closer to the end of 2019, busy entrepreneurs and execs are asking whether it’s too late to plan a 2020 company anniversary. 2020 IS A BIG YEAR, ANNIVERSARIES ARE BIG MOMENTS, AND BIG MOMENTS SHOULD BE CELEBRATED – ITS TIME TO GET STARTED!

Big moments and big anniversaries should be celebrated and shared. A one, 10 or 20-year business anniversary isn’t just a milestone, it’s a moment in history and a chapter in your brand story.

With only about one-third of businesses making it to the 10-year mark, this is a major achievement for your business. If your business has made it to its 20th anniversary, this is an even bigger deal.  During your journey you will have survived crises, good times, trying times and you’re here to tell the tale.


Planning an anniversary is one of the better ways to communicate your experience and reliability.  A trip down memory lane of the defining moments.  Lessons learned, stories told, and great achievements often increase sales, inspire new ideas and inject new energy.

Daily demands that require immediate attention can mean that important, though discretionary projects, like a company anniversary, launch or another milestone, is often left to the last minute.  It doesn’t have to be.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we completely understand – after all, you have a business to run. We take care of everything for you.


You may ask yourself what celebrating an anniversary has to do with ROI.  Isn’t it just a cost to the company, entertaining clients, staff and suppliers?

The simple answer is NO!

The longevity of an organization and its success depends on many factors and on many people.

Celebrating a company anniversary provides perfect marketing opportunities and is a way to create engaging stories, bring people together and make your business success known. It strengthens the morale and spirit of the group and becomes a powerful tool for advertising and PR?

When working with companies on their anniversaries, Blue Velvet goes beyond the party.  We help you make the most of your anniversary year.


Throughout the year the company can target different audiences. Existing clients, old clients, dormant and prospective clients. An anniversary is always a good time to increase brand awareness and popularity by surveying the audience and measuring the company’s effectiveness over the past year.

By raising the company’s profile and acknowledging successful years in business, the knock-on effects include increased awareness, confidence and opportunities.


Celebrating an anniversary is a great anchor with advantages for many parts of your business.  Acknowledging your employees, customers & suppliers’ role in your journey strengthens these connections, fostering retention and loyalty to you and your business.


It has been found that when all employees are invited to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the company, is an indicator of a good corporate culture and recognition of strong employee involvement.

By acknowledging all employees for their roles, not just top performers, team members feel recognized for the part they play in the overall success of the organization, improving morale.  Not every role can be measured against performance, yet its contribution has an impact on the overall performance of the business and the customers delight.

Shining the light on the whole team encourages loyalty and a sense of pride which can lead to individuals striving to do better.


  • Set company anniversary objectives.
  • Define your target audience (employees, suppliers, customers, potential customers and partners)
  • Set the goals of the anniversary celebration building up to an event.
  • Determine the budget and resources.
  • Plan a timeline.
  • Decide on the types of promotion.
  • Find ways to announce. Tell the public about your anniversary more than once and in more than one place. Announce your company’s longevity, and do this in a variety of ways:
    • Website – Banner, about page, media or news page,
    • Email signatures, invoices
    • Social media: Add a line to your profiles/info areas, consider creating photo albums that chronicle your company through the years
    • Email newsletters
    • Voice mail: Your company’s anniversary will make perfect fodder for on-hold messaging.
    • Storefront banners/receipts
    • Verbally: During networking events, sales presentations, etc., be sure to mention how long your company has been in business.
  • DIY or Hire professional event organizers.
  • Decide on ways to measure success and follow up.
  • Make it media worthy.

Your anniversary should be a great opportunity for noteworthy client acquisitions and planned growth opportunities, as a powerful marketing tool.

Other Ideas to maximise your anniversary:

  • Look at ways to turn your Anniversary into marketing opportunities.
  • A visual timeline infographic can keep you on track with everything, from the company’s history to its major achievements throughout the years.
  • Intimate client appreciation interactions during the year
  • Internal employee and/or external customer competition
  • Support a charity. Create opportunities for individuals to support the work of a charity or the company’s non-profit partners on a specific project in honour of your anniversary.
  • Create a limited-edition product/service for your anniversary year


When planning to capture your legacy and recognise the contributions of your employees, customers and community that have made your business a lasting success, DIY is always an option.  To be fair though, you should take into consideration the experience and time available for the person tasked with the project as well as the weight of the responsibility undertaken.


To learn more about how we can help your business still achieve your milestone anniversary goals call us on 072 012 1221 or email us.