We are excited to announce the launch our newly designed website!

We absolutely love our new home which showcases how we have evolved from unique events into a fully-fledged events and travel experience business. With this evolution we have made sure to keep our brand essence of exclusivity, elegance and exceptional service at the core.

Client retention is key and our expanded range of experiences and Africa in Style travel are ideal tools to show your top customers and performers just how much you appreciate them. The more you show your appreciation, the more likely they are to be loyal.

The benefits of customer hospitality are many. You can create excellent first impressions, build relationships around business, reward your top performing staff, and potentially seal deals all in a day’s work at your customer event. In today’s economy it’s vital that you’re focusing enough attention on nurturing relationships for new and retained business.

Anyone can book a table at a swanky restaurant. No matter how great the meal, unless they have eaten frogs’ legs or alligator for the first time, the meal and the conversation will be forgotten before the end of the week. On the other hand, if you share an experience together, everyone walks away with a memory that remains common ground, and something they will carry forever. One of those “Do you remember when ……” moments.

Your customers now have more choices available than ever regarding with whom and how they want to do business. Considering how big data has skyrocketed and how competitive the business environment has become, this tech is busy crunching away and spitting out with near laser accuracy, adverts that pop up on social feeds with perfect timing.

The only thing that puts the breaks on them pressing that ACCEPT button immediately, is their relationship with you.

Every faceless competitor promises instant service, better pricing and a better solution. Yet often, when you dig deeper, it’s just the wrapper and the hook that was different.

How do you beat that? You may ask. The only answer is RELATIONSHIPS!

A strong relationship raises the loyalty of your customer tenfold, even when things go wrong. If you have a strong relationship, 90% if the time your customer will come to you first. If things go wrong, they give you the opportunity to rectify it. And by showing commitment to them your relationship is
strengthened further.

If the only relationship you have is turning up to see what next you can sell them, it makes it very easy for them to hit that ACCEPT button without giving you a second thought.

Whether it’s a gala evening, customer function or an experience for 10, our success factors are based on meticulous attention to detail, flexibility and innovation. We carefully listen to your brief and provide a turnkey, single point of contact solution. Blue Velvet enables you to meet your key objectives by ensuring on point delivery, within your budget, raising your brand above the noise.